Quick Release Buckle

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This is a replacement should you lose the original in the sand, under the water or drop it out of the airplane.

A Camrig Quick Release Buckle is a must-have accessory for anyone interested in making sure all action shots are captured.

Going out on an adventurous excursion on the surf, the mountains, and even into the wild blue yonder offers a quick (and even extended) release from the stress of daily life. There's another quick release you may need here - one for your camera mount.

Sometimes, one GoPro camera is not enough. Different cameras may end up being more appropriate for specific jobs. Switching to a new camera is best done swiftly and easily, especially when you positively want to get a certain shot.

Murphy's Law could come into play as well.

Maybe your camera starts to die out as a number of dolphins - and maybe a shark fin or two - is coming near your surfboard. Releasing the camera from the mounting device and replacing it with a new one has to be done without any delays. The Camrig Quick Release Buckle makes this process easy. No fidgeting or struggling is required.

Purchasing an extra quick release buckle is definitely recommended for those who live for X-Games style pursuits. Losing your original buckle is a possibility if you get wiped out by a big wave, slip while climbing a mountain, or experience a mishap while hang gliding. Having an extra one on hand ensures you never have troubles mounting (or releasing) your action camera. The buckle also looks pretty sleek and stylish. The mix of black material and metal buckle blends nicely into whatever sportive gear you choose to wear.

The polycarbonate material used to produce the buckle is extremely durable and can handle quite a bit of impact. Consider it the perfect accessory for any adventure you take part in.

Does it matter what type of GoPro camera you are using? Not at all. The release buckle is compatible with ALL GoPro models.