Helmet Mount

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Mount your GoPro Hero camera to your helmet for great Point-of-View shots while biking, motorcycling, rock climbing, sky-diving, etc etc.

If you want a way that you can catch the action without holding your GoPro, you’ll definitely want to add the Helmet Mount to your collection of GoPro accessories. You can easy get great point of view footage with this mount, whether you’re skiing down a dangerous slope, mountain biking, sky diving, rock climbing, or engaging in any other sport that requires you to wear a helmet. Not only can you catch point of view footage, but you can also take memorable videos of other individuals who are out with you. Whether you are documenting daring new feats or you’re simply trying to preserve some memories with the family, a Helmet Mount can prove to be an invaluable addition to your GoPro camera.

The Helmet Mount comes with all the essential parts you will need to mount your GoPro to the helmet. It includes the adhesive mounting shoe, as well a thumbscrew and other essential parts. You will definitely appreciate that the mount features secure fasteners on both the bottom and the top, ensuring that your GoPro camera stays securely attached to your helmet, no matter how crazy the action gets while you’re out living it up.

Not only does the Helmet Mount work with most GoPro cameras, it also works well with most helmets as well. This offers wide-ranging use from this mount, no matter what type of helmet you choose to use on your adventures. The special low profile positioning of the Helmet Mount ensures that your GoPro camera is capturing the action just the way you’re seeing it. It is also possible to use the self-portrait extension to turn your GoPro camera back on yourself, allowing you to take self-portrait photos and videos as well.

With versatility, durability, and quality components, the Helmet Mount offers a wonderful way to capture the action right from your helmet.