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Never let any of your adventures, in any action sport, be forgotten. Recording videos of your sporting events ensures the memories last forever. With the Camrig head strap, you no longer have to rely memory to recall the sights and sounds of thrilling day of extreme sports. All in a durable unit that straps directly to your head.

The head strap works with each and every model of GoPro cameras. No matter what model you own, the camera will fit perfectly into place. Just affix the camera to the designated mounting point and tighten it. The thumb screw is necessary to clamp the camera in place comes with every unit. No additional purchases are requires to effectively use this head strap. That makes this unit a cost effective choice.

The adjustable straps on the side and on the chin contribute to a snug fit. The camera is not going to dangle or come loose and ruin the shot. As long as the easy to adjust straps are tightened and adjusted to the right spot.

This head strap is going to survive anything you put it through. The materials used to make the head strap are high quality and won't wear down easily even after repeated use. Your camera stays in its proper position without fail.

Do not let the description of the reliably snug fit lead you to believe the head strap is not comfortable to wear. You may find yourself double checking to see if the strap is still there because the comfort levels are so good you might not even realize you are wearing it.

The head strap is not functional at the expense of being stylish either. The style totally fits in with the "active cool" look most adventurers want to portray.

Overall, the Camrig head strap is a smart investment to make for camera-savvy adventurers.