Hand Grip Mount

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Hold your GoPro Hero Camera out from the crowd with the Hand Grip Mount.

No matter the handheld situation you’re in, the Hand Grip Mount will let you use your GoPro to easily capture all the action from the perfect perspective. This GoPro accessory is a must-have to add to your collection, and it features an ultra-portable design, which makes it easy to toss it into your bag or into your pocket for easy access whenever you need it. You’ll be able to use the Hand Grip Mount to shoot steadier POV footage and selfies, and it’s also excellent for shooting handheld footage that is super steady.

With the Hand Grip Mount, you can easily attach your GoPro right to the mount. It’s easy to attach, so you won’t waste time trying to make the connection. The mount also features a no-slip, durable rubber grip, which ensures that you can easily and securely hold on to the mount, no matter what environment you’re in at the time. The special thumb knob allows you to quickly and securely attach the GoPro to the mount, ensuring you have a tight, strong connection so you don’t need to worry about damaging your GoPro camera.

When you purchase the Hand Grip Mount, it not only includes the hand grip, but a hand rope and thumb knob is also included. The benefit of having the hand rope is that you can slip it around your rest when you’re shooting footage with the Hand Grip Mount and your GoPro camera. This secures the mount and camera to you, which prevents you from dropping and damaging your camera, even if the grip slips out of your hand in an extreme situation.

If you want a simple way to capture the action, the Hand Grip Mount is an excellent choice. You’ll be able to capture POV footage, handheld footage, and selfies without a problem. With a low, competitive price, this mount is definitely a useful, cost-effective addition to your GoPro gear bag.