Flexible Arm Mount

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Erector Set for your GoPro Hero camera.

Got a shot that seems impossible to capture? Mountain climbing, kite and water surfing, or biking, can be tough for capturing those once in a lifetime still life or video presentations. However, nothing is impossible with the Camrig Flexible Arm Mount in your supply pack. Wow your friends with awesome shots that are now easy to get.

The flexible arm mount comes with 2 straight pieces, 3 dog legs, and 3 thumb screws. By manipulating the pieces and securing, coming over that hill or soaring in the air, will deliver a perfect, memorable picture. Made with aluminum, the lightweight pieces are easily packed with gear to be ready when you are. Simple and quick to install on most surfaces, you are ready to go in just a few minutes.

Your GoPro camera rests securely on top of the erector set where it is easily maneuvered in any direction and bolted at the bottom of the long-stretched arm. Quality manufactured parts keep a firm grip on the arm mount to prevent swaying in the outdoor elements of wind and rain. Always protect your camera with other Camrig accessories.

Since 2009, Camrig has been developing and offering the finest action-packed gear for capturing incredible shots that only professionals were able to provide. A crew of professionals from across the US tests each piece to support claims of equipment stability. Now a world-wide company, operations are now operating in the US, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. The flexible arm mount is one of the newest must-have pieces for extreme sports and highly-defined pictures and videos.

So trek up that mountain on your bike, get your surfboard and kite ready for that ultimate adventure, and rest assured that your flexible arm mount will be ready when you are for out-of-this-world shots.