Ball Head Clamp Mount

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Holding your camera tight is difficult when you’re an adrenaline junky. Your extreme sports require two hands. That often means you miss out on some incredible shots. Fortunately, there’s the ball head clamp mount.


This mount will attach to a helmet with ease. You’ll have the ability to take action shots on the go. Just turn your camera on and have incredible footage you’ll relive time and again. Thanks to the placement of the camera, the unit records everything you are witnessing firsthand. This is the perfect way to relive the action. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees, you’ll even have the ability to capture areas of interest while you are on the go.


Setup of the ball head clamp mount is easy. The large jaws open to quickly connect the unit to your help. The adjustable setting allows it to work with any helmet. That means there is one less thing you’ll have to buy to make it work. The attachment point for the camera is ¼” in size and screws securely in place. Just attach your GoPro action camera and you’re ready to go.


If you are interested in using this unit with your GoPro action camera you’ll need to purchase a tripod mount. When combine, the pair will take smooth images that avoid the amateur shake. This increases the probability of professional grade video being taken on the go.


For a solid, dependable mount look no further than this ball head clamp mount. Designed with extreme action in mind, you’ll have a device that secures your camera in place for smooth shots. Best of all, it is easily removed so you can transfer it with you as you move from one extreme sport to the next, making it the perfect companion piece.