Aluminum Handlebar Mount

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Securing your GoPro to a bike, motorcycle, or BMX bike becomes easy with the quality Aluminum Handlebar Mount. Filming your biking adventures can be tough, especially since you need to have both hands to keep your bike in control. You can capture your footage without taking your hands off the handlebars with this helpful handlebar mount, ensuring your safety and the safety of your GoPro.

This GoPro mount is specifically designed to stand up to the jostling that comes with wheeled sports and the high quality aluminum offers excellent durability and strength. The precise design and quality materials help to eliminate the shaking and vibrating that often comes with using plastic mounts for your GoPro on a bike. By eliminating the shaking and vibrating, you will enjoy improved picture quality as you show off your best bike moves.

The Aluminum Handlebar Mount attaches to handlebars with ease, which means that you can have your GoPro in place in no time. Since it offers a 3.5 centimeter diameter, you’ll find that this handlebar mount will work well with most handlebar sizes, allowing you to attach your GoPro camera to different types of bikes.

When you attach your GoPro to the handlebars with the Aluminum Handlebar Mount, you can rest assured that your GoPro is securely and safely in place. This mount works well with all GoPro Hero options, including Hero 1, Hero 2, Hero 3, and Hero 3+, so you can use it with one GoPro or all of your GoPro Hero cameras.

If you want to capture your biking adventures, whether it’s a super-fast downhill ride or some incredible stunts on your bike, the Aluminum Handlebar Mount is well worth the investment. It lets you capture the best video and photographs without worrying about damaging your GoPro.