Aluminum Gun Rail Mount

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The Go Pro Camera is one of the best cameras that you'll find available to you for getting in close to the action. The image quality is stunning and the GoPro camera seems to take it to a whole new level when it comes to performance in a crunch. The GO Pro offers you crisp, clean, quality and unparalleled imagery. Getting the kind of images that you want is easy from the Go Pro, but what if you want to get them on the fly?

Now you can get your GoPro mounted exactly where you need it with the professional Go Pro mounts. Whatever you're most passionate about there's a GoPro Mount to help you to get the perfect angle and the perfect photo. Whether you are stalking wildlife, taking your time on a walk in the woods or you're spending a little recreational time with your friends in a rousing game of paintball, the GoPro camera can capture it all in fine detail using the gunrail mount for the GoPro designed by CAMRIG.

The CAMRIG is the perfect gun rail mount for every GoPro camera. Workable with the Picatinny/Weaver rail, the CAMRIG mount permits your GoPro camera to be used with a BB gun, a paint ball gun, or even with an airsoft. Whatever gun that you've got that uses the Picatinny Weaver will accept the CAMRIG Mount for GoPro Cameras.

The CAMRIG rail mount is the best way to go for all GoPro cameras and helps you get those up close and personal shooter-type shots that showcase your opponents. If you'd like, you can reverse the camera on your CAMRIG rail mount and you can see yourself in action. Get it all on camera so you can evaluate your own performance and improve your style with the CAMRIG rail mount.

The mount will install quite literally in seconds. Simply slide your mount over the gun rail and tighten it down. Clip the GoPro camera into place and that's it, the camera and you are ready to go.